FRIDAY, 28 JUNE 2013 | Bedroom 2, Before&After…

WOW – I’d kinda forgotten about this…This yellow/orange image is a picture of how the OLD dressing room looked when we purchased 47 Park Avenue! AND – the image the the right of the OLD dressing room , is a picture of how that very same space looks today! Could the 2 be anymore different? Just like me and Jonathan…Beauty and the Beast!

And – another before image…this picture shows you the wall which separated the old en- suite and dressing room, this wall was added by the previous owners as this was originally 1 room the 2nd bedroom!

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  1. deleite says:

    Really love your house trsformaton. We have following from the beginig and the space that we prefer is the master bedroom and this bathroom.

  2. Thank you SO much for all the love and support from the very beginning! Your now stuck with me till the very end!!! Death us do part!

    At that point, I guess Jonathan will be blogging about me getting taken out of this place in a 6ft box.


  3. MarkUpton says:

    I love what you’re doing with your place. We just moved into ours on Friday so are starting the very same exciting/frustrating projects. Where did you get the round mirrors in your bathroom, I’m looking for something exactly the same.

  4. Hello Mark,

    This may sound a little creepy! BUT – your name sounds familiar to me….maybe though Shootfactory? I could be wrong, I am felling a little metal at the minute!

    CONGRATS on the new house! Exciting times.

    The mirrors are Jacques Adnet

    Good luck with your new home!


  5. MarkUpton says:

    Hi Michael
    Hmmmm… very possibly. I work in home entertainment, so its possible we’ve used a location for a photo shoot or to film a fitness vid or something!! or could be a Yorkshire connection, park av is in Yorkshire right? I’m originally a Harrogate boy. Could be any number of places!! haha, but totally not creepy

    New house is v exciting, although spent the first weekend just painting over every inch of magnolia in farrow & ball to get me a good blank canvas to start working with. Now I can have some of the fun sourcing and buying things bit.

    thanks for the mirror source, that may have to be this weeks little treat

    Mark x

  6. Another Northern lad in the BIG smoke! I miss daily…I don’t get to visit as much I’d like as this house has taken over who I am!

    I bet you feel much better getting rid of the magnolia…I couldn’t wait to take a paint brush to this place.

    Conran have the mirrors on sale! Maybe start your search there…


  7. Kayesi says:

    Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! What an astounding difference. Thanks for an interesting visit.

  8. Taylor de Sa says:

    Found you through AT and I’m wishing this had been the room they posted. This is spectacular and my favourite! I also can’t stop looking at your living room and it makes me want to keep my white walls…

  9. Hello Taylor,

    Thank you! BUT – I dont feel this bathroom is a good representation of who I am…If that makes any sense?

    I think, It’s glam and too put together…which Im not. BUT – this room as with all the other rooms within the house are still far from finished! SO – I’m just making do for the moment.


  10. OMG, what a difference!!!! Totally in love with your bathroom. Is it okey if I show it so my readers and link back to you?

    Best wishes from Elisabeth

  11. I am so sorry, but i just had to show my readers TODAY. I am just totally in LOVE with your home. Hope you forgive me:-)

    Love from Elisabeth

  12. Hello Elisabeth, Thats OK! And -thank you for sharing! Michael.x

  13. Brooke says:

    Wow! What a transformation! May I ask where the bathroom ceiling fixture is from?

  14. Michael Minns says:

    Hello Brooke,

    Thank you!

    The ceiling lights came from my FAVOURITE place to shop!!!

    Take a look at this link.


  15. I love your house is very inspiring.

  16. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you! x x


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