I woke up to this the other day, a comment left on me FaceCRACK!

“Tacky, no taste, flashy cars, trashy clothes, shoes and bags…”

 “You can’t buy taste or class in my opinion, you either have it…or you don’t”

Another sugar coated insult from a friends Troll of a boyfriend. BUT –  Many a true word is spoken in jest.

The view must be SO nice from up there…looking down on us all, telling us where we are all going wrong. Should I be also wearing a BEIGE suit, driving a BEIGE car up and down the M62…only to sit in a BEIGE office, and work a BORING job? Will that make me a better person?

 I’m fully aware of that you can’t buy taste or class, if you could…I’d get you some for Christmas. God knows you could do it!

SO – what, If I’m tacky, flashy, trashy, and tasteless. If the way I live my life upsets, and offends you, JOG ON!

Life’s a BITCH, You either have or you don’t!

Did someone say Vanilla? – No Way No Way (Music Video)

Anywho! – Martin has finished the work on me tacky wall within the en-suite. I just need to get me dad to touch up all the paint work.

I’ve also taken the rug from out of the shed and give it a good shampoo, I’d gone off it some time ago, and moved it into the shed ready to be  binned! It was half way to the dump!

I also trimmed me neighbours bush and popped it in a glass vase…this was a BAD idea! Didn’t realise that its full of larvae. That will teach me to take something without asking. BUT – I like the idea of tall foliage. So – its good to see what it could look like.


  1. kris says:

    Agreed. Taste is something one is born with. You, in my opinion (if my opinion matters at all), have inherent taste- gifted! I rarely see this attribute in people. Your utmost personal style takes skill. Often I say eclecticism is difficult to attain successfully. It looks to me you have a distinct eye. You’re up there with the other greats! Love your home, your office, your clothes, your shoes, your art! I could only wish to be in the same caliber. Love everything.

  2. Michael Minns says:

    x x Michael@47ParkAvenue

  3. Tori says:

    In the words of my dear grandma-ma, if anyone has something nasty or negative to say, it is simply because they are jealous. That is all.
    I’ve been following your blog for sometime and I’m always inspired by what you do – don’t let the beiges put you down! x

  4. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you Tori. Michael@47ParkAvenue x x

  5. Y’know, when I stumbled upon my online haters a while ago (they didn’t even come to me directly…RUDE), I kind of felt like I had arrived? I mean, you have to be doing something kind of right for people to go out of their way to talk about how much they hate it, right? So…congrats, you!

    If you don’t have taste…I don’t want it! You’re flawless. <3

  6. Lewis says:

    IMO you have an elevated taste and sense of style. Yes boooo to beige! Honestly, I find your interiors stunning and inspiring. Life is for living and you might as well do it in style, elenganza extravanganza. Fuck em.

  7. Michael Minns says:

    Didn’t think of it like that.CONGRATS to me! I’m off out to pop some corks.Thank you Daniel, you made me smile. x x

  8. Michael Minns says:

    YEAH! Fuck em… Thank you Lewis. Michael@47ParkAvenue.

  9. Greg says:

    Said person is clearly a complete fucking fruit loop! Your house oozes taste and class… If only it was mine.

  10. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you Greg! Michael@47ParkAvenue.

  11. Rach says:

    Actually I truly believe that anything can be learned. All it takes is time, focus, and passion. And you clearly have it!

  12. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you Rach! Michael@47ParkAvenue. x x

  13. kim@dti says:

    Yeah, fuck negativity. You ROCK. And this bathroom gets me going every time you feature it.

  14. Michael Minns says:

    Thanks Kim! And – Congrats on your NEW digs, exciting times ahead! Micahel@47ParkAvenue. x x

  15. Casey says:

    Every time I look at your blog and pictures via here or Instagram, I’m so struck with your sense of playfulness. It’s way too easy to take design SO SERIOUSLY and I fucking love the humor you inject into your self-presentation and home. You’ve been a great role model for me as I figure out how I want my new home to look. You’re doin’ it up, and it rules.

    I’m also of the mind that taste and class are things that you don’t talk about if you have them. Like the fraternity brother who’s always whining “I’m such a nice guyyyyy.” If you’ve got style, you’re not obsessing over what others have or don’t.

    xx take care

  16. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you SO much Casey! Really nice of you to say such wonderful things, and I LOVE the fact you enjoy the humour. Congratulations and good luck with your new home! Michael@47ParkAvenue. x x

  17. Celia says:

    You’re a star – with excellent taste!

  18. Becky says:

    He’s only jealous – you have impeccable taste, especially for a yorkshireman (hehehe)!! I have been looking at your blog and (now) shop for well over a year and I LOVE the way you have curated your style from a very classic base and turned it into something fabulous. x x x

  19. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you Celia! Michael@47ParkAvenue x x

  20. Michael Minns says:

    Thank you Becky! Michael@47ParkAvenue x x

  21. Camilla Kennedy says:

    “The view must be SO nice from up there….”
    it rarely is.
    In my experience only people having a shitty day, and/or generally feeling shitty about themselves, or just being all round shitty, feel the need and the impulse to write such shit.

    There’s no need to even discuss taste in that context.

  22. Michael Minns says:

    Hi Camilla,

    I could have happily ripped him a new arse hole! BUT – My mother always told me…“if you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything at all”

    Michael@47ParkAvenue. x x

  23. good morning —

    the rug in the bathroom — can i ask where it’s from?

    and thanks again.

  24. Michael Minns says:

    Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

    I’ve had shingles for the last 6 months! and – am slowing working my way through all emails.

    The rug is from

    I hope this helps.

    Michael@47ParkAvenue. x x

  25. sorry to hear that. but glad you’re back.

    and thanks again.

  26. ag says:

    i just found your blog. this is basically my dream bathroom and i am no longer satisfied with my own. thanks a lot.

  27. Michael Minns says:

    Apologies Anita, and – thank you!. Michael@47ParkAvenue x x

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