SO – to relieve some of the pressure I’ve been putting myself under to make the right decisions, and to make them NOW!


The bathroom and toilet have’nt changed since we moved in, and – because of this…they’ve caused no end of arguments.

( If I had TITS! Jonathan would defiantly be on them. )

I have no idea of how I want these spaces to look/feel, I’m working on 5 different looks/moods.

( No – wonder I’m CRAY CRAY )

BUT – something needed to be done! A cheap fix?

So – with left over odds and sods…this is where I’ve ended up.

 With a lot of help from me Dad and Martin, the bathroom was stripped right back, the carpet lifted and binned.

( I mean, who puts carpet in a bathroom – pet hate! )

Anywho! – Surplus chipboard leftover from the office re fit ( ) was cut to size and installed to the side of the bath to form a bath panel, the antique glazed unit was taken out of the shed and cleaned up, this used to hold Jonathan car polish, It now holds his BEAUTY products!

Left over paint was used on the walls, floor and ceiling…I purcahesd 2 cans of white satin tile paint to paint over the floral chintz.

The only other things purchased, a ceiling light and linen basket at a total of £65!

I’m not very good with numbers or budgets, BUT – I think my total spend worked out to be less than my weekly flower budget! ( Only joking )

NOT – bad going…when you take into consideration this is what I started with…

47parkavenue bathroom before 1

47parkavenue bathroom before 2

Please note that this “MAKE DO AND MEND” situation is only a temporary fix, until further notice.

Or, at least until I’ve figure out which one of my personalities this room should represent in the looks dept.

8 Responses to “MAKE DO AND MEND.”

  1. Amazing transformation, is totaly diferent and realy cheap. Good work.

  2. Michael Minns says:

    I think it proves small transformations can be made with very little money! All you need is a creative mind and the ability to make something from nothing!

  3. KH says:

    Oh wow! What a lovely bathroom. Where did you get that amazing light bulb shaped pendant? It is so awesome!

  4. Michael Minns says:

    Celling light came from B&Q, I cant see any ref to it on the web site. Hope this helps! Michael. x x

  5. Miranda says:

    I have the same wallpaper type stuff on the ceiling of my yucky bathroom- I can’t tell if you removed it or painted over it?

  6. Dorothy says:

    Terrific! You changed out the faucets and shower, yes? Or did you somehow paint them?

  7. Michael Minns says:

    Hello Miranda,

    We removed it! It took days…we also had to sand the celling before we could paint it. A mucky, filthy nightmare! BUT – so happy we did it in the end.


  8. Michael Minns says:

    Hello Dorothy,

    The faucets are the same, the shower was replacement before we moved into the house, and way before we redecorated the bathroom.


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